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The IJIS Institute unites the private and public sectors to improve critical information sharing for those who provide public safety and administer justice in our communities.

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A Nation in Tears

December 17, 2012. It is hard to imagine anything quite as horrible as 20 beautiful, young and innocent children lost to their parents and the world by the hand of a disordered killer, coupled with the same fate for those caring for them. Unless you have been in their situation, no one can imagine the […]

The Promise of Big Data in Public Safety and Justice

September 10, 2012. The world is overwhelmed by data—and the prospects are for more than we can drink in for as far as we can see. Studies by IBM and Cisco have concluded that 90% of the data in the world today has been acquired in the past 18 months, and that we will double […]

The Changing Purpose of Computing

May 29, 2012. For decades now, we have been acquiring computers and connecting them as a way of collecting, organizing, and facilitating the search for data that has come from various documents. In law enforcement, we actually have called these things records management systems (RMS). In essence, the purpose of the computing system has been […]

How to drink from the fire hose

February 28, 2012. In a forecast of internet bandwidth requirements, Cisco estimates that the annual internet traffic generated in 2015 will be close to 1 zettabyte. To save you looking up this term, one zettabyte amounts to 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes (1021 bytes). In a press release this past December, International Data Corporation (IDC) estimated that in […]