Public Safety Information Sharing

When we think of public safety, we think of law enforcement, fire departments, and emergency medical services. What we don’t often think about is how they work together and how they share information to prevent and protect us from events that could endanger our safety.

Most often, the systems in use today for sharing information are either paper-based or use verbal communications; both are slow and inefficient, and cost emergency providers precious minutes when they are racing against time to protect lives and property. The IJIS Institute and our members are changing that paradigm by sponsoring and participating in committees and projects to implement and enhance data interoperability within the public safety community and government agencies.

The nation has been discussing data interoperability for many years, and progress is evolving through the use of information sharing standards, including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM). Helping agencies implement NIEM is the focus of many of our projects. NIEM is designed to support enterprise-wide information exchange standards and processes that can enable jurisdictions to effectively share critical information in emergency situations, across domains, as well as support the day-to-day operations of agencies throughout the nation.

Current Projects/Efforts

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PDF file icon Unified Computer Aided Dispatch Project Final Report (2012.10.11)
PDF file icon Unified Computer-Aided Dispatch Functional Requirements (UCADFR) (2012.08.17)
PDF file icon Recommendation for the Maintenance of the Unified CAD Functional Requirements Document (2012.07.18)
PDF file icon High Priority Information Sharing Needs for Emergency Communications and First Responders (2012.06.25)
PDF file icon White Paper Data Sharing Between CADs (2011.10.12)
PDF file icon PSDI Project Final Report (2010.08.12)
PDF file icon Standardized Interfaces and Exchanges for Justice and Public Safety (May 2010)
pdf file icon Revision Assessment for the Incorporation of Fire and EMS Functions into the Law Enforcement CAD Functional Specifications (2010.01.28)
pdf file icon Law Enforcement RMS Functional Specifications
pdf file icon RMS Reference IEPD Development
PDF file icon NIEM Conformance for RFPs (2009.10.28)
pdf file icon Guide to Information Sharing and Data Interoperability for Local Communications Centers (2009.08.14)
pd file icon Priority Data Exchanges for Local Communications Centers (2009.08.14)
icon: pdf file ITS/PS Information Exchange Project Final Report (2009.06.30)
zip file External Alarm Interface IEPD (2009.01.15)
icon: pdf file Validation Testing Report of 12 ITS/PS Data Exchanges (2009.01.13)
icon: zip file ITS/PS Information Exchanges IEPD (2008.10.01). This single IEPD includes artifacts for all 12 ITS/PS exchanges developed in the project.
pdf icon GJXDM/IEEE 1512 Compatibility Analysis Report (2007.03.28)