IJIS Institute Project Deliverables

The IJIS Institute undertakes projects in support of our mission that make a contribution to the national initiatives related to information sharing and integrated justice information systems. We seek to conduct research and development activities and make contributions to these areas in collaboration with government agencies, academia, and involving a broad base of IJIS Institute and affiliated companies. Project reports and related informational papers are published here to be freely available to practitioners and industry to help further the advancement of information sharing among government organizations.

AMBER Alert Project

pdf icon AMBER Alert Reference Schema Development—Project Summary (2004.11.24)

Criminal Justice and Health Collaboration Project

icon: pdf file Opportunities for Information Sharing to Enhance Health and Public Safety Outcomes (2013.04.03)

ITS/PS Information Sharing Project (Transportation / Public Safety)

icon: pdf file ITS/PS Information Exchange Project Final Report (2009.06.30)
icon: pdf file Validation Testing Report of 12 ITS/PS Data Exchanges (2009.01.13)
icon: zip file ITS/PS Information Exchanges IEPD (2008.10.01)
This single IEPD includes artifacts for all 12 ITS/PS exchanges developed in the project.
pdf icon GJXDM/IEEE 1512 Compatibility Analysis Report (2007.03.28)
For more information visit the project website at http://www.its.dot.gov/PS_Transinfoexchange.htm

Justice Reference Architecture (JRA)

PDF icon JRA Project Phase 1 Final Report (2011.11.08)
PDF icon JRA Project Phase 1b Final Report (2010.05.18)
For more information, visit the JRA page of the Justice Information Sharing Web site, hosted by the U.S. Department of Justice's Office of Justice Programs.

Prescription Monitoring Project (PMP)

pdf icon PMIX Pilot Project Survey of State Prescription Monitoring Programs (2007.01.26)

Public Safety Data Interoperability (PSDI) Program

PDF file icon Unified Computer Aided Dispatch Project Final Report (2012.10.11)
PDF file icon Unified Computer-Aided Dispatch Functional Requirements (UCADFR) (2012.08.17)
PDF file icon Recommendation for the Maintenance of the Unified CAD Functional Requirements Document (2012.07.18)
PDF file icon High Priority Information Sharing Needs for Emergency Communications and First Responders (2012.06.25)
PDF file icon PSDI Project Final Report (2010.08.12)
pdf file icon Revision Assessment for the Incorporation of Fire and EMS Functions into the Law Enforcement CAD Functional Specifications (2010.01.28)
pdf file icon Guide to Information Sharing and Data Interoperability for Local Communications Centers (2009.08.14)
pd file icon Priority Data Exchanges for Local Communications Centers (2009.08.14)
zip file External Alarm Interface IEPD (2009.01.15)

Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification Project (SAVIN)

pdf icon SAVIN Guidelines and Standards (2006.10.16)

Technical Reports

pdf icon GJXDM Performance Test Report (2005.07.08)
icon: excel workbook GJXDM Performance Test Data (2005.01.24)
pdf icon Juvenile Justice XML Report (2005.06.30)