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Mid-year Briefing Spotlight: Industry and Corrections Moving Forward

Posted By Andrea A. Walter, Saturday, August 1, 2015

Want to see a small bit of the content from yesterday’s Mid-year Briefing in Atlanta, Georgia. Here are some highlights of Tom Herzog's Luncheon Keynote.

  • Business is a relationship and government relies upon its private sector business partners to help foster and promote innovation. IJIS is an organization that helps to promote and accelerate these efforts.
  • Public/private partnerships are the backbone of innovation in public sector work and critical to public safety work.
  • "Government needs business partners, not vendors. Vendors are people from whom we buy hotdogs, not software and services!"
  • 10 Value Propositions for Corrections in 2015-16:
  1. Body worn cameras - and the data management of the outputs
  2. Education of incarcerated individuals - using video and tablets as accelerators of innovation in corrections education.
  3. Family Reunification through video conferencing - another opportunity for tablet use.
  4. Medical - among the highest cost centers for the corrections industry, EMS and EHR are critical business drivers to help contain and reduce operating costs.
  5. Complex Analytics - use of new and powerful computing techniques will allow DOC administrators to open previously closed or untapped data sources to provide analytics to better understand prison violence and program success.
  6. Cell Phone Detection - contraband cell phones continue to be among the preeminent threats to correctional safety.
  7. Information sharing with LEOs - corrections rich data stores, which include known associates, STGs, visitors, persons called, and money transfers are critical data elements to assist in crime fighting.
  8. Legacy Renewal/Conversion - many correctional systems are still operating on 1970's computing technology, including mainframe and cool based systems.
  9. Email for incarcerated individuals.
  10. Telephones and improved analytics for persons called and recorded calls.
  • Five Future Value Propositions for industry work with Corrections:
  1. Prison population reduction and the value proposition of community supervision with enhanced technology.  
  2. Bail Reform and how technology can be used to help ensure safe pre-trial, pre-adjudication release to the community.
  3. Smart Apartments that make use of new monitoring techniques to help facilitate community supervision.
  4. Group Sourcing software to help enlist public input into new initiatives and place-based policy initiatives.
  5. Public/Private partnerships that make use of new performance-based funding options to include ideas like Social Impact Bonds (SIBs) and Purpose-based economic alternatives.

For more information contact Tom at any of the following or post your comments here on the blog:

  • Email:
  • Twitter:    @tomherzog3
  • LinkedIn:  Thomas Herzog
  • Phone:      (518) 506-0000

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