Common Business Functions for Correctional Management Systems
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correctional facility fenceThe purpose of the Common Business Functions for Correctional Management Systems publication is to aid state and local correctional agencies in assessing their needs and/or capabilities as they relate to offender management systems (OMS). This publication is the result of a collaboration between the IJIS Institute and the Corrections Technology Association (CTA) to reflect significant and recent technological developments, evolving correctional policies and practices, future use of information technology, and a broader view of the common use of information and information sharing possibilities within corrections and across the overall criminal justice community.

The document is comprised of two Volumes. Volume 1 presents an Executive Summary and an overview of the seventeen primary business functions that an OMS must support. Volume 2 drills into each of the seventeen core business functions, defining specific process flows associated with each business function - Volume 2 is separated into sections by business function. The file library presents a PDF portfolio of the entire document, or you can retrieve individual files (Volume 1 or each of the Volume 2 Business Function sections). 

Common Business Functions CMS

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