Videos and Webinars
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IJIS Institute Video Resources

IJIS Institute videos can be found on our IJIS YouTube channel. Visit us there and subscribe to be informed of any new video content.

IJIS Webinars

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
The Impact of Video Evidence Link  more ] Administration 10/13/2020
Lack of Information Sharing in the Public Sector Link  more ] Administration 9/1/2020
A Culture Change in Service Delivery Link  more ] Administration 9/1/2020
Post-Pandemic Planning Link  more ] Administration 9/1/2020
Outlook on Public Sector Resources Post-Pandemic Link  more ] Administration 9/1/2020
Leveraging Technologies for the Public Sector Link  more ] Administration 9/1/2020
Combating the Pandemic: Lessons Learned Link  more ] Administration 9/1/2020
Advancing Info. Sharing Stds. (Oct. 2018) Link  more ] Administration 10/26/2018
Body Worn Cameras (Oct. 2015) Link Administration 10/22/2015
Cybersecurity Threat Info Sharing (July 2015) Link  more ] Administration 7/10/2015
EO13636: Infrastructure Cybersecurity (June 2015) Link  more ] Administration 7/9/2015
Springboard Value Proposition-ECF (April 2015) Link  more ] Administration 4/23/2015
LE Image Tech Task Force Update (Mar2015) Link  more ] Administration 3/31/2015
IJIS 2015 (Webinar, Feb2015) Link  more ] Administration 3/9/2015
The Role of the Courts in CJIS (Webinar, Jan2015) Link  more ] Administration 2/11/2015

IJIS Webinars - Corrections

Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Webinar: Alabama ASSURE Project Link  more ] Administration 3/26/2015
Hampden Cnty Sheriffs Dept Inmate Reentry Exchange Link  more ] Administration 3/26/2015
Updating CTA Correctional Standards Link  more ] Administration 3/26/2015
Corrections Projects: PA Unified Case Mgmt. System Link  more ] Administration 1/27/2015