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IJIS Institute Releases Public Safety CAD-to-CAD Data Sharing White Paper

Friday, August 11, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Martha Hill
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IJIS Institute Releases Public Safety CAD-to-CAD Data Sharing White Paper

White paper surveys computer aided dispatch standards for
information sharing

The IJIS Institute – a nonprofit organization focused on mission-critical information sharing for justice, public safety and homeland security – has released a new white paper, CAD-to-CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Data Sharing. The IJIS Institute Public Safety Technical Standards Advisory Committee (IPSTC) created the white paper to assist the government community in their procurement of dispatch systems.

The CAD-to-CAD white paper reviews seven “standard requirements” requested in Requests for Proposals (RFPs) issued by government organizations. It discusses the standards and suggests if and how they apply to a CAD-to-CAD data exchange. The IPSTC white paper team found many RFP examples that specified standards that were not applicable, as well as applicable standards that were missing. This white paper is intended to pave the way for follow-on papers, each addressing other standards pertinent to CAD-to-CAD data sharing.

Becky Ward, principal author of the CAD-to-CAD white paper, said, “Our research determined that more than half of the referenced standards did not directly apply to the CAD-to-CAD data exchange or had been supplanted by newer standards.”

While several members of the IJIS Public Safety Technology Standards Committee were involved at some level in the creation of the white paper, the key contributors were:

Principal Author:

  • Becky Ward, FATPOT Technologies

Principal Contributors:

  • Mike Alagna, IJIS Institute
  • Chuck Brady, Zuercher Technologies LLC (now TriTech Software Systems)
  • Nate Daniels, Northrop Grumman Corporation
  • Rochelle Danielson, Versaterm
  • Tom Dewey, Advanced Justice Systems LLC
  • Steve Hoggard, Spillman Technologies (now Motorola Solutions)
  • Rick Meggison, Securus Technologies, Inc.
  • Charles Stortz, Logistic Systems, Inc.
  • Chris Rein, CSI Technology Group 

You can read the CAD-to-CAD Data Sharing white paper and other resources at

The purpose of the IJIS Public Safety Technology Standards Committee is to promote and contribute to the development of technical and functional standards for public safety information technology components, to provide industry input and policy review on technical matters faced by the public safety community, and to oversee IJIS Institute projects assigned to the committee.