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iCERT Liability and Cyber Security Issues for Emergency Communications and Response

Tuesday, June 5, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Andrea Walter
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iCERT has released a report on matters of liability and cyber security in emergency response technologies. The new publication was produced by iCERT, in collaboration with their Outside General Counsel from the law firm of Shulman Rogers, and in cooperation with the University of Houston’s Department of Computer Science, through support from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Cyber Security Division.


iCERT Research and Publications page:


This report is published to provide industry stakeholders with pertinent and timely information on issues of general accountability and cyber assurances for commercial enterprises, as well as for government agencies, as each looks to provide emergency communications services. This report covers issues under such topic areas as: technology failures and how a company can be held liable if 911 communications fail; cyber security liability concerns for emergency call centers and their service providers; and, utilization of 911 funds and how states are spending fees collected from consumers for 911 services. The report also includes an extensive set of appendices, which can be used as ongoing reference material.


To address these critical issues, this publication draws on legal and regulatory issues associated with emergency response technologies; and relevant rulings, court decisions and burgeoning practices of the agencies, legislatures and regulating bodies with authority over these public safety services. While the understandings provided in this report should not be construed as client-based legal advice, they will offer industry stakeholders a level of insight into important guiding and undergirding matters that affect our industry, as well as the nature of a company’s engagement as a service provider to public safety agencies.


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