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N-DEx 4.0 IEPD Published for Public Comment

Wednesday, May 29, 2019   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Carrie Morrison
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The National Data Exchange (N-DEx) 4.0 Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) is ready for public review and comments.  The N-DEx 4.0 IEPD will be available for 30 working days.  The goal of this IEPD is to simplify, streamline and increase efficiency in performing data integration efforts between criminal justice agencies and the N-DEx System.  

Key Features:

  • Combined the N-DEx IEPDs v2.1 Incident and Arrest (IA) and v2.1 Incarceration Booking Probation and Parole (IBP2) IEPDs. 
  • Updated code tables (to include new code values and elements within National Information Exchange Model, National Incident Based Reporting System).
  • Removal of extraneous elements within the IEPD (to decrease the size and complexity of the IEPD).
  • Offers a generic information report type, “Information” Report Type.
  • Created an all-inclusive structured payload option (to provide integrators the option of using Logical Entity eXchange Specifications (LEXS) 5.0 for data submissions (Publish/Discover (PD)).

To access the N-DEx 4.0 IEPD:

National Information Sharing Standards (NISS) IEPD Clearinghouse at
N-DEx Website at
N-DEx Helpdesk at (request via e-mail)
IJIS Institute Webpage at


To submit comments and feedback:

Please email all comments and feedback to the N-DEx Program Office at