Cyber Standards Check
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Continuous Safeguarding of Critical Applications and Data

Cyber Standards Check is a simple, secure, and affordable application security standard testing tool to help ensure the protection of your applications and data.

Information systems are increasingly susceptible to online attacks, threatening effectiveness and compromising confidential personal or protected data.

Globally, cybercrime was the second most reported crime in 2016 according to Price Waterhouse Coopers. Cyber-attacks in 2017 happened at nearly double the rate of 2016.   Could your networks and data be next?

The shocking reality is that your chances of being hacked are high, and that could come at an enormous cost. According to the latest cyber-security statistics, your business has likely been compromised already and you may not even know it. Organizations have two choices: be hacked and pay an agency to clean up the mess, or proactively safeguard critical applications.

The NIST Risk Management Framework (NIST SP 800-53), Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA), and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) provide comprehensive guidance to help organizations assess and manage risks to their systems and data.

How can you be sure that your application security measures meet or exceed these complex guidelines?

Not only that, but can you ensure your security measures conform to these standards on a continuous basis?

Cyber Standards Check automates this process for you, removing any guesswork or human error. Cyber Standards Check is simple to access and use: log in, point to your software code repository, and run. Cyber Standards Check takes it from there, providing continuous, rigorous application source code testing against key cyber security standards and controls.

Cyber Standards Check:

  • Transforms a hard problem to an easy problem in three simple steps: Access, Connect, Scan.
  • Continuously scans your code repositories and reports back vulnerabilities via a personalized, secure dashboard.
  • Uses multiple scanning technologies, greatly enhancing the speed and effectiveness of conformance testing and application security.
  • Enables NIST standard risk and vulnerability identification while your code resides safely in your code repositories – NOT on someone else’s system.
  • Is available at an affordable price point tailored to your organization.

Cyber Standards Check is easy to use, continuous,
safe and secure, and affordable!

  Download the information packet today to protect
your vulnerable applications and data.

Cyber Standards Check is an offering of the Springboard Testing and Certification Program. Find out more by downloading the product materials, contacting, or by visiting the product portal at