Mid-Year Briefing and Member Forum
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IJIS held their annual Mid-Year Briefing virtually on August 5th & 6th. It was an exclusive opportunity to participate in interactive discussions on pressing topics that have impacted industry and government nationally in the current environment.  These webinars were centered around the lessons learned, best practices, leveraged technologies, and funding opportunities during this Pandemic.  Sessions focused on how COVID-19 has impacted business operations for both industry and government while hearing from practitioners who are dealing with these issues first-hand and solutions providers that are helping combat these matters.

Unable to attend any of the sessions from this year's Mid-Year Briefing? Recordings for ALL sessions are available on-demand!




Combating the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons Learned from the Field

Agencies around the country are facing unheard of challenges as they seek to keep their communities safe and healthy, while attempting to maintain the continuity of effective business operations. IJIS has had a front-row seat to these operations and has learned from many of the experts who have successfully dealt with some of these challenges. This webinar will present a discussion addressing key experiences, resulting efforts, and available best practices effecting both policy and operations. 


Leveraging Technologies for the Public-Sector

Any pandemic, crisis or disaster results in enormous stress to business operations. This particular crisis has highlighted even more the necessity to implement new technologies for “remote operations” and improved preparedness while maintaining effective operations. This session will take an innovative approach to identifying what is missing (policies, training & education, technologies, etc.), and how solution providers can help combat these issues affecting the public-sector. 


Outlook on Financial Resources Post-Pandemic

The current Pandemic will inevitably leave huge financial impacts on everyone. How will agencies be able to sustain and grow revenue in the public-sector? This session will provide insight into some of these effects while discussing new opportunities for agencies and providers to maintain cross-sector partnerships. The session will also review valuable resources and reference points available during the most recent events.  


Post-Pandemic Planning 

The COVID-19 pandemic has identified key gaps in conducting business for both the public and private-sector entities. Despite the inevitable impact this crisis will leave on business operations, the criticality of cross-sector and cross-agency collaboration has been exposed as more vital than ever before. This session will proactively pinpoint operational processes that are changing and will emphasize practices that will help operations thrive in the future.


A Culture Change in Service Delivery 

As multiple crises impact our operational worlds, how should we best adapt to change while meeting the operational imperatives? What impacts have the crises had on the current and ultimately future workforce? In order to strive for post-pandemic operational success, it is critical to discuss potential lasting impacts to the workplace environment. By hearing from representatives from businesses and agencies who have successfully reinvented their work cultures in a matter of months, this session will provide attendees with exclusive insight into the processes that will help prevent some of the current issues in the workplace from occurring again. 


Lack of Information Sharing in the Public-Sector 

While many issues have been exposed over the past several months, the current crisis has illustrated how important information sharing is during these difficult times to effectively meet the lifesaving demands of practitioners that strive to keep our communities safe and healthy daily. This webinar will focus on demonstrating the benefits of utilizing information sharing technologies to more effectively meet the needs of your organization while addressing the skepticism's. 


Who Should Participate?

Industry representatives and state, local and federal executives, IT managers, practitioners, and CIOs and CTOs from justice, public safety, education, health and human services, and homeland security mission areas seeking to explore the diverse perspectives on the challenges of, and future for, information sharing and safeguarding, focusing on current and emerging technology issues facing these various communities.