Technology Assistance
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techno integration puzzle pieces graphicThe IJIS Institute offers technology assistance (TA) to state and local jurisdictions to assist with the planning and implementation of information sharing projects in the justice, public safety, and homeland security domains. We leverage the expertise and experience of private sector information technology firms and provide objective and cost-effective technology recommendations and solutions to decision makers and project stakeholders.

The TA program includes assessments and engagements that can help agencies review technical and strategic planning, review technical artifacts (system architecture, data modeling, and data messaging), and address specific technology questions and challenges. TAs can take many forms based on the client’s needs. They can be short-term, onsite engagements (between 1 to 5 days), use teleconference/web-enabled conference support for specific technology problem solving, or a combination of the two.

The assistance provided by the IJIS Institute is focused on technology issues and may be provided at any time during the lifecycle of the implementation of a multi-agency integration effort.

To obtain technology assistance from the IJIS Institute, please complete the following form.