The Sharing Economy in Public Safety
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the sharing economy in public safety coverCrafted as an industry market guide and published as a printed volume, Market Analysis: The Sharing Economy in Public Safety, A Review of Consolidation Efforts and Analysis of Partnerships in Emergency Calling and Response offers the reader an overview of past, present, and future resource-sharing (consolidation) efforts in the emergency calling and response center community.

The nature and extent of emergency communications planning and procurement has transformed into what is now an ever-changing landscape, where many challenges lay ahead for the field of emergency response technologies. This is occurring as a result of many factors, including:

  • Communications operations combining into regional centers.
  • Jurisdictional information technology officials assuming collective roles over agency-based spending.
  • Economic conditions that continue to compel agencies to reduce staffing levels. 

Through this report, iCERT and IJIS Institute members and other commercial enterprises will learn more about trends toward a shared economy for these crucial public safety services, and how they can capitalize on future business opportunities.  


This report is available for purchase by members and non-members at this link: can review a prospectus for this report online.


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