Training and Education
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The IJIS Institute provides training and education programs essential to the successful implementation of technology and information sharing projects in the public sector and, specifically, in the IJIS Institute's areas of focus.

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the IJIS Institute is exploring new methods to provide training opportunities within the IJIS areas of focus. Stay tuned for more details throughout the fall! 

Exploring, Evaluating, and Implementing Advanced Technologies in Law Enforcement

An Exciting New Training and Education Option for Executives, Operational Managers, and IT Project Managers

A new national partnership among the IJIS Institute, the National Police Foundation, and the Rutgers University Center for Policing will offer a unique and customized training program for federal, state and local law enforcement executives, managers and staff who are exploring, evaluating or implementing emerging and enhanced technologies in their agencies.

The first three courses available through the program in 2019 include:

  1. Promises and Perils of Law Enforcement Information Technology
  2. Emerging Law Enforcement Information Technology
  3. Law Enforcement Technology Project Management

Those participating in this training will complete the courses with enhanced ability to identify appropriate topics for their agency, to understand the factors affecting costs of acquisition and implementation (total cost of ownership) and how to anticipate and mitigate key risks and challenges while ensuring implementation that will advance the agency, save costs and ensure community support.

Those completing the courses will also receive a certificate and may anticipate continuing education credits from Rutgers.

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The first of these courses,  “Promises and Perils of Law Enforcement Information Technology,” will be hosted September 4-5, 2019, in Sayreville, New Jersey at the Middlesex Fire Academy.  This seminar is intended for law enforcement executives in national, state and local agencies and organizations. It will be a case-study-oriented seminar to discuss the benefits that current and emerging information technologies can bring to improving law enforcement operations and the challenges that adoption of advanced technologies brings to an agency with ways to mitigate risks. The seminar will feature several speakers who are experts in law enforcement operations and technology.    

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Other Training Programs

All IJIS Institute courses are taught by practicing information technology professionals from both the public and private sector; all have years of justice, public safety, and homeland security information technology design and implementation experience. Our instructors are leaders in the field who will share practical experiences and identify critical factors for success with your information sharing projects. Training services are provided by the IJIS Institute through an innovative delivery approach that engages the resources and expertise of industry.

The IJIS Institute can provide the following courses, or design one to fit your needs!

NIEM Technical Training Course

This three-day course, intended for information exchange developers and implementers, is designed to guide students through the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) in a structured process. The NIEM Technical Training curriculum is designed for developers and practitioners in the field to provide the information needed to enable them to effectively build applications using NIEM. The course covers seven modules that take the student from the basics of NIEM through building Information Exchange Package Documentation (IEPD) through instructor-led exercises. The NIEM training course has been accredited by the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium (ISC2).

NIEM Executive Briefing

This half-day, executive-level seminar provides senior leaders and stakeholders with an overview of the NIEM, its role in information sharing and exchange, and organizational benefits. This course is available onsite or by teleconference/webconference.

Customized Training

The IJIS Institute can customize information sharing and safeguarding training to fit the needs of your organization. We can tailor the topics to the type of organization, and bring some of the best thinking in industry to the training topic.

Past training topics presented by IJIS include basic eXtensible Markup Language (XML) technical concepts as used by NIEM (how XML and NIEM are used in the justice and public safety communities), NIEM Train-the-Trainer, and industry trends and forecasts.

How can we help your organization with customized training solutions?

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