Wormeli Report
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wormeli report coverThe Wormeli Report informs IJIS Institute Member companies about national programs, initiatives, and trends affecting justice, public safety, and homeland security. This analysis and aggregation of information is intended to be useful in strategic and tactical planning, resource allocation for marketing or investment in products and services, and evaluation of market segments and opportunities.

Because of the IJIS Institute’s role in national dialogues on information technology policy and information sharing and safeguarding, the Institute is in a unique position to identify, observe, and collect data on these trends. It is an important part of our mission to share this information with our Member companies so that they can be prepared to make decisions as to the extent of your market participation in these new areas of opportunity.

This report is provided as a benefit of full Membership in the IJIS Institute.

Read the table of contents and executive summary of the current issue (Vol. 7) of The Wormeli Report. Industry non-members may purchase the most recent copy of the report for $1,395.The report is available to government IJIS Institute Associates for no cost and to nonprofit and academic Associates for a discounted rate. Contact Martha Hill for information on purchasing The Wormeli Report.

IJIS Institute Member companies – for information about obtaining your free copy of The Wormeli Report, contact membership@ijis.org.