IJIS Institute Members' Code of Conduct and Ethics
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This IJIS Institute Members’ Code of Business Conduct and Ethics Statement (herein known as Statement) reflects the commitment of IJIS Institute Members to conduct their business affairs in a fair and ethical manner, in accordance with best practices. These best practices encourage and promote honest, ethical, and integrity-based business dealings with practitioners, members of academia, and fellow member companies serving the criminal justice, public safety, and homeland security communities. Adherence to the Statement will distinguish the IJIS Institute and its Member companies, as we foster a spirit of collaboration and mutual respect.  We believe these qualities are essential to build and sustain a productive business environment, while maintaining the highest levels of integrity and impartiality in our relationship with local, state, tribal, and federal government partners. This Statement represents the core values of the IJIS Institute and its Member companies.

IJIS Institute Member companies:

  • Agree that all engagements sponsored by and under the auspices of the IJIS Institute shall be company-, product-, and solution-neutral.
  • Support and contribute to the success and growth of the IJIS Institute through the contribution of volunteer time, expertise, and other resources.   
  • Accept a clear commitment to respect and comply with applicable laws.
  • Honestly and fairly represent the qualities and capabilities of fellow Member companies while engaging in respectful and truthful competition.
  • Obtain and conduct business legally and ethically in conformity with the protocols and practices of the jurisdiction.
  • Foster an environment of collaboration and cooperation by preserving the free flow of accurate and impartial information in the activities of the IJIS Institute and in relationships with partners in the public or private sector.
  • Safeguard and protect confidential information and confidences obtained during IJIS Institute-sponsored engagements.
  • Bring credibility and respect to their companies and the IJIS Institute through their conduct and interactions with public officials.
  • Respect the intellectual property rights of other companies and organizations.

Approved by the IJIS Institute Board of Directors 5 August 2009.