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The IJIS Institute relies heavily on partnerships with key practitioner organizations, national associations, other nonprofit organizations, and universities in working to promote and enable technology in the public sector and expand the use of information to maximize safety, efficiency, and productivity.

Strategic Partners

IJIS has strategic partners that not only align with our mission but are working with us on key initiatives to advance and support our mission.

  IJIS and the Center on Policing at Rutgers University are collaborating on training and education projects that will provide professional development in public-sector technology and information sharing.

  IJIS and the International Biometrics + Identity Association are working together to jointly develop the Biometrics Task Force along with other projects related to facial recognition and other biometrics technologies.

Supporting Partners

IJIS Institute's Supporting Partners are organizations that share our belief that public-sector technology and information sharing is a national priority and our conviction that it takes all of us working together in partnerships to address this national need.

American Probation and Parole Association

 appa logo

Association for Enterprise Integration

 afei logo

Association for Public-Safety Communication Officials

 apco intl logo

Association of State Criminal Investigative Agencies

 ascia logo

Capital Wireless Information Net

 capwin logo


 comptia logo

Concurrent Technologies Corporation

Corrections Technology Association
 e.republic logo

Emergency Management Magazine

 emergency management magazine logo

Federation for Identity and Cross-Credentialing Systems

 fixs logo
Government Technology
 government technology logo
Government Technology Research Alliance
 gtra logo
Industry Council for Emergency Response Technologies
icert logo 

IT Alliance for Public Sector

itaps logo 

Institute for Intergovernmental Research

 iir logo
Institute for Law and Public Policy Planning
 ilpp logo

Institute for Knowledge and Innovation

 institute for knowledge and innovation logo

Justice Information Sharing Practitioners Network

 jisp logo

Justice Solutions

 justice solutions logo

Major Cities Chiefs Police Associaton

 major cities chiefs assoc logo

National Alliance of Gang Investigators Association

 nagia logo

National Association for Court Management


National Association for Justice Information Systems

najis logo 

National Center for State Courts

 ncsc logo

National Association for Regional Councils

 narc logo

National Association of State Procurement Officials

 naspo logo
National Criminal Justice Association
 ncja logo
National Emergency Number Association
 nena logo
National Fusion Center Association
 nfca logo
Nlets, the International Justice and Public Safety Network

nlets logo

Object Management Group
 omg logo
Ohio Association of Chiefs of Police
 oacp logo
Open Geospatial Consortium  ogc logo
Police Foundation
 police foundation logo
Public Technology Institute

pti logo

United States Geospatial Intelligence Foundation