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Kathy Gattin

Department: Project Management Services
Title: Program Director
Phone: 703.726.3681

Kathy Gattin is a program director with the IJIS Institute. She is a seasoned leader with many years of experience in providing subject matter expertise to the justice and corrections communities, helping to develop and lead mission-critical information sharing projects at the local, state, and federal levels. Gattin currently serves as part of the IJIS Institute’s team responsible for corrections-focused information sharing efforts and also serves as the project manager for the Prison Rape Elimination Act Data Standard project. She was a former Statewide SAVIN Administrator for Arkansas, served as a former board member for the National BJA SAVIN Project Advisory Board, and has served as a consultant, subject matter expert, and project manager for the IJIS Institute’s victim notification project for providing training and technical assistance for state notification programs. Gattin holds a BA degree in Criminal Justice and an Associates in Law Enforcement. Gattin was a former application systems administrator for the Arkansas Department of Correction and served on the Board of the Corrections Technology Association (CTA) from 2007-2013. She also served as a member of the Global Strategic Solutions Working Group (GSSWG) – Juvenile Assessment Task Team (JATT), was a member of the American Probation and Parole Association’s (APPA) Advisory Group for the development of RFP Guidelines for Case Management Procurement, was selected as a Corrections Subject Matter Expert for the FBI’s National Data Exchange project (N-DEx), was a Team Member on the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) Child, Youth, and Family Services Group under the direction of the National Center for State Courts, served as a member of the Justice Information Sharing Practitioner’s (JISP) Advisory Board, and was a member of the IJIS Institute’s Working Group for the Justice and Health Collaboration Project.